Xeriscaping Services for Your Albuquerque, New Mexico Home

Water conservation is a concern for ecologically- and economically-minded homeowners. That is why many Albuquerque residents chose xeriscape landscaping rather than a full lawn for their yard. You can effortlessly keep your xeriscaping healthy and beautiful by calling on the professionals at CBS Quality Lawn Care for full xeriscape care.

Keeping Your Xeriscaping Beautiful

Xeriscaping is low-maintenance by design because it relies on rocks and low-water use plants for ground cover. However, neglecting xeriscape landscaping can result in an unsightly weed-infested yard. CBS Quality Lawn Care offers all the services needed to maintain the curb appeal of your xeriscaping, including: We can also simplify plant watering and water conservation efforts by installing a drip irrigation system and/or maintaining your existing system.

Xeriscaping Maintenance to Fit Your Budget

Every xeriscaped yard is different, so every yard requires different maintenance services. CBS Quality Lawn Care customizes all xeriscape maintenance plans to meet your needs and budget. Contact us to schedule a free estimate. An experienced lawn care professional will visit your home to assess your needs and make recommendations for service intervals (weekly, biweekly or monthly). As your xeriscaping maintenance professionals, we deliver prompt service that enhances the appearance of your home.

Still have questions about xeriscape services? CBS Quality Lawn Care is happy to address your questions to determine whether low-maintenance lawn care is right for you and your home. Call (505) 884-8666 today for a free estimate.