Drip Irrigation Systems for Your Albuquerque, New Mexico Home

You have a number of options for irrigation systems to keep your yard healthy. Depending on your landscaping, drip irrigation systems may provide the most efficient water delivery and maximum water savings. CBS Quality Lawn Care can help you find, install and maintain the right drip irrigation system to meet your needs.

What Is a Drip Irrigation System?

Drip irrigation is the practice of delivering low-volume water directly to the root area of plants. Drip irrigation systems typically consist of tubing that may be buried or lay above ground and emitters or bubblers. Water soaks the ground around the plant but does not reach the leaves where it is more likely to evaporate.

Why Consider a Drip Irrigation System?

Drip irrigation systems are ideal for xeriscape landscaping that has little or no grassy expanse but individual shrubs, bushes or patches of drought-resistant vegetation. Drip systems focus water delivery where it is needed—near plant roots—to virtually eliminate water wastage.

Superior Drip Irrigation Systems and Installation

Drip system can help you cost-effectively maintain the healthy appearance of your xeriscaping, but only if it’s done right. CBS Quality Lawn Care is a local company with more than 25 years of experience. We use commercial-grade irrigation systems, and we understand the local climate and how to install the system to prevent damage during winter months. For a free estimate for a drip irrigation system for your Albuquerque, NM home, please contact us.

You only need to water the plants! Keep your water where it’s needed with a drip

Do you have questions about drip irrigation? Not sure if this system makes sense for your lawn? Call CBS Quality Lawn Care to get clear and concise answers to your landscaping questions. We even offer free estimates so you can make the best decision for your home.