Albuquerque’s Top Lawn Mowing Service

There’s more to lawn mowing than simply telling a teenager to get the mower out and trim the grass. Many people don’t even know that you can mow your lawn too much! CBS Quality Lawn Care has been handling Albuquerque’s lawns for 25 years. We know everything a lawn mowing service should offer and how to do it!

Did You Know Grass Can Sunburn?

Overgrown grass shades the lower half of the grass blade. If it’s abruptly cut, that exposes this “untanned” grass to the sunlight. This can result in the grass suffering sunburn and weakening. If your lawn isn’t regularly trimmed, abruptly cutting it can leave you with brittle, yellowing grass from something as simple as sunburn. A lawn mowing service is best for your yard when it’s scheduled as regular yard maintenance. Cutting overly long grass can shock the roots, leading to dead and dying grass. You deserve better than that; you deserve the lush, green grass that comes from professional care.

Where Quality Matters

It’s not just in doing the job right the first time; it’s also knowing what part of the job to do and when. A lawn mowing service may be scheduled for twice a month, but what if your grass doesn’t need to be cut? CBS Quality Lawn Care is always focused on providing you with the service you’ve paid for – a beautiful yard. We’ll work with you to decide on the best maintenance plan for your residential yard or business premises and answer your questions. We will always answer your call and if you need immediate help, we’re ready to go beyond what other lawn care companies offer. Contact us today and get your free estimate for the effortless yard of your dreams!

While you could mow your own lawn, many Albuquerque homeowners look to CBS Quality Lawn Care for assistance. Would you like to get started on your free estimate? Please call (505) 884-8666 or contact us to learn more.