Residential Irrigation System Maintenance in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Your irrigation system’s job is to help you maintain a beautiful yard without the chore of doing the watering yourself. However, the system will only perform if it is kept in good condition. The professionals at CBS Quality Lawn Care can keep your irrigation system in working order to maintain your yard’s appearance and water savings.

Why You Need Irrigation System Maintenance

Most components of an irrigations system are buried or just above the earth’s surface in your yard. Their placement makes them subject to being walked on, mowed over, edged, and clogged. However, because irrigation systems are intentionally placed to minimize visibility, that often puts them out of sight, out of mind. Regular irrigation system maintenance simply makes sprinkler heads, emitters and lines the focus of attention to make sure they work properly and deliver water where and when it is needed.

When We Recommend Irrigation Maintenance

If you have a professional landscaping company like CBS Quality Lawn Care maintaining your lawn, your irrigation system may need minimal maintenance—about once each year—because we take care to work around system components. If you do your own yard work and know that you have been less than mindful of your irrigation system, you may need maintenance more frequently—biannually or quarterly. At the very least, we recommend annual maintenance, usually during the spring. Repeated freezing and thawing that happens during winter months can lead to like leaks, and we want to make sure all sprinkler heads are properly adjusted before daily watering begins. To schedule irrigation system maintenance at your Albuquerque, NM home, please contact us. Our crew can usually be on-site within two business days.

Proper maintenance of your irrigation system will keep your lawn lush and vibrant all summer long. CBS Quality Lawn Care not only installs irrigation systems; we also maintain and repair them. Contact us today for more information or to get started on a free estimate.