Leaf Clean-Up

When fall comes, the beautiful colors of autumn leaves are a wonder to gaze at until they’re covering your yard- fall leaf clean up isn’t a once-a-season job, either. Leaf removal goes on until the trees are bare and ready for winter. Do you really have time to spend a weekend or two a month from September to December outside raking everything that fell overnight? CBS Quality Lawn Care does, and we’re ready to take fall yard cleanup off of your hands.

No Bags, Rakes or Blowers Needed!

Handling a yard full of loose leaves or pine needles is a day-long chore for one person. Between raking, blowing, bagging and disposing of the leaves, fall yard cleanup is intensive and can take hours to accomplish. If you don’t have a blower in your garage or just a few empty lawn bags to haul away all of the fallen leaves, maintenance is that much harder. Few businesses own the equipment necessary to make leaf removal easy, and fewer residences keep that kind of thing in their garage. When you hire CBS Quality Lawn Care to handle your fall yard cleanup, none of that matters. We have all of the equipment necessary to make leaf removal quick, easy and doubly effortless for you.

Where Quality Matters

Even for something as simple as leaf removal, CBS Quality Lawn Care brings careful, customer-oriented attention to the job. Keeping your yard clear of debris and saving you the time and effort is as important as any large-scale landscaping. Fall doesn’t mean just a single drift of leaves on your property. Leaf removal is repetitive and by scheduling your fall yard cleanup with us, you’re guaranteed the tidy property you want without the sacrifice of your free time. Take the step towards a stress-free fall and contact us today to schedule your fall yard cleanup!

Leaves and yard debris diminish the look of your lawn, but they can also destroy your landscape over time if left unaddressed. That’s why CBS Quality Lawn Care provides lawn cleanup to New Mexico homeowners. Call today for more info or to get started on a free estimate.