Tree and Shrub Trimming

Healthy trees are a valuable asset to any home. They provide shade, helping to moderate cooling costs in the summer, and they provide privacy. Sometimes, though, branches can interfere with utility lines or present a risk to your home should severe weather hit. CBS Quality Lawn Care can help you tame your trees and shrubs with expert trimming.

The Benefits of Proper Trimming

When done right, trimming offers a number of benefits to homeowners, including: Although trimming removes branches, it can help the trees and shrubs look lusher, enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Landscape Company with Trimming Expertise in Albuquerque

CBS Quality Lawn Care is one of only a few Albuquerque-area landscaping contractors with trimming expertise. Our experienced technicians know how to: Our skill and care ensure that your trees and shrubs will flourish, maximizing your landscaping investment. Contact us for a free estimate for tree trimming and pruning service.

For trees to be healthy, they must be correctly trimmed to encourage healthy growth. Trimming also helps control disease and prevents damage to property. Call our team at CBS Quality Lawn Care for more information. You can also contact us to get started on your free estimate.