Superior Sod Installation

Sod installation looks simple—roll out the green, tamp it down, apply water and enjoy a beautiful lawn. But for your sod to survive and deliver a lush grass lawn instead of a yard full of weeds, there’s a lot of prep work that needs to be done first. The experienced landscape professionals at CBS Quality Lawn Care know this. We take the time to do your sod installation right so that you get the best return for your landscaping investment.

What Makes for Superior Sod Installation

The success of your sod installation depends on two factors:
  1. The quality of your sod
  2. The quality of the ground preparation
CBS Quality Lawn Care ensures success by using top-quality sod from trusted local suppliers and making sure your ground is sod-ready. Our sod installation process involves: We also take the time to help you understand how to maintain your sod during the first few weeks after installation for best results.

Get the Best Value for Your Sod Investment

Quality sod and sod installation doesn’t come cheap. But, when you invest in expert services from CBS Quality Lawn Care, you will get the best value for your money…and that allows you to enjoy the full benefits of sod—a lush, healthy lawn that lasts for years. Contact us for a free estimate on sod installation at your Albuquerque-area home.

Sod installation is the first step towards a healthy, vibrant lawn. CBS Quality Lawn Care is happy to perform sod installation along with many other essential services, including landscaping, lawn care, and pest control. Call (505) 884-8666 to learn more about our services.