Benefits of Xeriscape Landscaping

It is possible to have a lush green lawn in Albuquerque, and CBS Quality Lawn Care can help you grow and maintain it. However, being good stewards of resources in the high desert may require rethinking what an ideal home landscape looks like. Xeriscaping provides an attractive alternative to traditional grass-covered lawns and provides a number of benefits.

Xeriscaping is Low-Maintenance

One of the most notable benefits of xeriscaping is its low-maintenance. Instead of frequent watering and weekly mowing, edging and grass-sensitive weed control, xeriscaping simply requires: Ideally, most tasks are done weekly, but even biweekly maintenance can keep most yards healthy and attractive. But you do not even have to invest your own energy to upkeep xeriscaping. One call to CBS Quality Lawn Care takes care of everything!

Xeriscaping is Cost-Effective

Transitioning from a grass lawn to a xeriscape yard is an investment. However, once your xeriscape landscaping has been installed, you can save substantial sums each year by reducing or eliminating: CBS Quality Lawn Care can maximize your water conservation and cost savings by ensuring your irrigation system is properly adjusted and providing repairs as needed.

Budget-Friendly Maintenance in Albuquerque, NM

CBS Quality Lawn Care can maximize time and cost savings of xeriscaping with customized maintenance plans that fit your needs and budget. Contact us to schedule a free estimate. An experienced landscaping professional will visit your home to determine what services you need and what interval will work best.

Xeriscape landscaping is the environmentally responsible choice for homeowners in Albuquerque. It also ensures your home looks its best with as little maintenance as possible. Would you like to learn more? Contact CBS Quality Lawn Care today by calling (505) 884-8666.