Landscape Maintenance

Everything needs to be maintained. Cars, houses, even relationships all need time and effort invested in order to keep them fully functional. CBS Quality Lawn Care is able to handle the continual process of yard maintenance. This ensures you have a beautiful yard all year-round without sacrificing your free time for it.

Pruning? Trimming? I Can Do That Myself, Can’t I?

Did you know there are different methods of pruning? Some bushes do better when they’re trimmed lightly, and others need to be thinned out to let sunlight reach the center and base of the bush. The purpose of pruning is to thin out excessive growth, remove damaged leaves and branches as well as shape the plant. If you take a pair of clippers to a bush without knowing what you’re pruning and why, you can kill the plant. What about lawn mowing? You can mow too much and too often, encouraging weeds instead of your lawn itself. Do you know how to weed a xeriscaped yard? Landscape maintenance is a job in and of itself; most people just don’t have the necessary hours per week to devote to keeping their yard looking beautiful. Landscaping companies are the stopgap between a neatly trimmed, cultivated yard and a mass of weeds.

Professional Landscape Maintenance, Courteous Service

Your yard is where quality matters. Our landscape maintenance is designed to find the best balance between action and time to keep your yard healthy and beautiful. With 25 years in the landscaping business, CBS Quality Lawn Care knows that every yard has different needs. We’re the landscaping company that knows how the New Mexico weather affects plants and how to combine desert elements into a beautiful xeriscape. We can work with you to develop a plan of action that will free up your time and keep your yard looking beautiful. Contact us today about your free estimate and we’ll take the work off your hands.

Not only does professional lawn maintenance ensure the exterior of your home looks great, it also saves you precious time. Contact CBS Quality Lawn Care today so we can work out a maintenance schedule that makes sense for you. Contact us for more information.