Weed Control

Weeding a garden means hours on your hands and knees, digging around to try and pull them up by the root and using the right chemical weed killer. Controlling them may seem impossible without a degree in chemistry and several free weeks, but it’s not! CBS Quality Lawn Care has the licensing and time to give you the best weed control without using needless herbicides or wasting weekend after weekend.

What is Effective Weed Control?

Everyone has pulled a few weeds by hand, but it seems that more spring up every single day. The problem with hand-pulling is that it’s simply not effective. There are usually hundreds of weed seeds in the topsoil, just waiting for a chance to sprout. When the ground is stirred up by planting or aerating, these seeds are exposed to sunlight and water. Pre-emergent herbicides aren’t complete protection if they’re not used properly. They don’t actually kill the weed seeds, but attack the sprouts as they grow. This means you can still have dormant seeds in your yard that a single spraying haven’t touched. Next spring? More weeds! A combination of herbicides, watering methods, mulching and tilling can be used for effective weed control. It’s a time-consuming process that takes a lot of expertise.

Put Your Yard in Professional Hands

Would you want to risk a pet getting sick because you applied too much herbicide? Or creating toxic runoff from your property? CBS Quality Lawn Care is licensed and bonded. With 25 years of expertise, we know what kind of herbicides to use, when to use them and how. Our weed control is designed to keep your yard weed-free and still safe for anyone to enjoy. When you talk to us about your yard, we’ll discuss your needs before designing a maintenance plan that will give you a beautiful yard, worry-free. Contact us today and set up your free estimate to get safe, effective weed control. We’ll show you that we know where quality matters—in your yard!

Are weeds out of control at your home? CBS Quality Lawn Care can help with weeds, pests, and other threats to a perfect lawn and garden. Feel free to call (505) 884-8666 so we can get started on your free estimate. You can also visit us online for more info on services.