Your New Mexico Local Lawn Care Company

Do you want a beautiful, healthy lawn? It’s not impossible! Look around Albuquerque and you’ll see gorgeous lawns in residential and commercial areas. Who helps make that possible? CBS Quality Lawn Care! We provide lawn care, yard work and grounds maintenance with the expertise that only a local lawn care company can offer.

Lawn Care? In the Desert?

Not everyone wants the aesthetic of xeriscape! Traditional lawns are still extremely popular, and for businesses who want that polished appearance, a well-tended lawn is a classic touch. Finding the right local lawn care company is easy when you pick CBS Quality Lawn Care. With 25 years of experience handling lawn care in Albuquerque, we know how to handle things like: A lawn does more than increase the visual appeal of your property. It adds to the dollar value as well, being an investment of time and money. It doesn’t have to be your time. That’s what CBS Quality Lawn Care is for.

Your Best Bet for Quality Care

Quality matters in your yard, on your property. That’s what CBS Quality Lawn Care delivers. Not only are we a local lawn care company with the experience to keep your yard beautiful, whether it’s xeriscaped or traditional in design, but we deliver customer-oriented, personalized service. When you call, the person who picks up the phone is the same person who will help you decide on what maintenance plan will work best for your yard. This is the same person who will answer your questions and work on your yard. Don’t waste your own time by trying to chase down someone in a large company that has no local roots. Contact us today and get your free estimate for the locally-focused, quality-minded lawn care you need!

Here at CBS Quality Lawn Care, we recognize our customers have different lawn care needs. Fortunately, our 25 years of landscaping experience has prepared us to tackle many diverse landscapes and lawns. Call (505) 884-8122 for more info or to get started on your free estimate.