Your Albuquerque Lawn Care Company

If you have a landscaped yard, it won’t stay that way by itself! CBS Quality Lawn Care is more than just a lawn care company- We’re a native New Mexico landscaping company with the experience to handle all of your yards, from lush grass to native xeriscaping!

From Mowing to Planting, We Know Yards

Whether it’s xeriscape or grass, a yard is hard work. Hours of effort go into this beautiful investment just to keep it looking the way you paid for it to. Standard companies may install your landscape design, but will they maintain it? Lawn care companies might be able to mow the grass, but what about planting trees? With 25 years of experience handling lawn care in New Mexico, we can do all of your basic landscape maintenance for you. Our services are designed to take the weight of maintenance off of your shoulders, handle your needs as they arise and you’ll never speak to a computer. We have personalized service; the same people who answer the phones are the same who install your sod.  Not many landscaping companies can promise you that, but we can.

Our Services Cover Your Whole Yard

Will most landscaping companies have individual services you can select from? If you need bushes pruned, but you don’t need a lawn mowed, you may not be able to find a company that will accommodate you. CBS will; this is why we offer services like: …and more! CBS Quality Lawn Care is able to handle commercial and residential properties with the same customer-oriented, quality-focused process, regardless of the size of the job. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate!

When it comes to lawn care, CBS Quality Lawn Care has much to offer Albuquerque. With more than 25 years of experience, we can tackle landscaping jobs both large and small. We also provide free estimates, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Contact us today to learn more.