Albuquerque’s Landscaping Contractor

With the landscape design completed, you now have a beautiful yard. Now what about maintaining it? Weeding the yard, mowing the lawn and pruning the bushes are taking valuable hours away from your family, your hobbies and even your work. A landscape contractor like CBS Quality Lawn Care gives those hours back to you, complete with the wonderful landscape that you invested so much into getting.

It’s Xeriscaped, I Don’t Need a Lawn Mowed

Xeriscaping is a relatively low maintenance style of landscaping, but it does still need work. Weeds need to be pulled, desert-friendly plants should be pruned and yes, even desert plants still need to be watered! By scheduling weekly/bi-weekly maintenance with a landscaping contractor, these chores are taken off of your hands. Experience lets a landscaping contractor plan the best schedule to maintain the health and beauty of your hard while giving you all the free time you need for more important things.

Get Quality Service with Quality Care

As a landscape contractor, we know where quality matters- everywhere! From shrub pruning to tree planting, every aspect of lawn care and grounds maintenance needs to be done right the first time. This is exactly what we do at CBS Quality Lawn Care and it’s what’s kept us in business serving Albuquerque for over 25 years. Are you looking for the landscaping contractor who will work with you to keep your yard beautiful and healthy? Look no further! Contact us today and you’ll speak to the very same people who will be tending your yard. Personalized service, customer-oriented focus and expertise? You can get that all in a single landscape contractor. We’ll show you!

As a trusted landscaping contractor in the Albuquerque area, CBS Quality Lawn Care offers the benefit of more than 25 years of experience. We also want our customers to completely satisfied with their experience, which is why we offer free estimates. Call today for more information on your lawn care services.