Lawn Maintenance

Whether your landscape is comprised of primarily pavers and stones, hardy desert flowers and shrubs, lush green grass or a mixture of all three, it needs routine maintenance and care. If you’re like many busy Albuquerque, NM, homeowners, however, you may not have the time to dedicate to trimming, edging, raking or mowing, among other landscaping tasks. If you do have the time, you may not want to spend it doing more work. Whatever the situation, let CBS Quality Lawn Care take over your lawn maintenance and keep it looking neat, clean and beautiful.

Our Lawn Maintenance Services

Like every home, every Albuquerque lawn is unique and has differing needs. Some yards simply require weeding and pruning while others, such as those with flower beds and stretches of grass, need a bit more attention. Whatever the case is with your lawn, CBS Quality Lawn Care will work with you to devise a lawn maintenance schedule that will ensure your landscape is cared for to the highest of standards. A few of our more popular services include the following:

From general yard work to more complex landscaping services, such as leveling and rototilling, our team is ready and able to handle your unique landscaping needs. In addition to our listed services, we do our best to accommodate customers’ special requests. 

Professional Landscape Maintenance, Superior Customer Service

Your front yard offers visitors and passersby a first impression of your home and personal style while your back and side yards may serve as an extension of your living space. Take pride in your lawn and invest in a space you can enjoy year-round.

After over 25 years in the business, CBS Quality Lawn Care is adept at finding the best balance between action and time to keep your yard beautiful and healthy. We are intimately familiar with the New Mexico climate and understand how to do everything from expertly weaving desert elements into a beautiful xeriscape to maintaining lush, green lawns despite months without rain. We will work with you to devise a lawn maintenance schedule that will free up your time and keep your yard looking beautiful.

Lawn maintenance takes a lot of time, which many Albuquerque homeowners lack. Our team at CBS Quality Lawn Care is happy to help, whether you need tree trimming, aeration, or help with mowing. Visit us online for the full listing of landscaping services.