Lawn Maintenance in Albuquerque

Everything needs to be maintained, from cars to computers to yards. Maintaining a lawn in the desert heat? That takes work! CBS Quality Lawn Care knows how to handle that work. From aerating to fertilizing, we have 25 years of experience in encouraging and maintaining lawns even here in New Mexico. Our awareness of where quality matters—everywhere!—lets us give you consistent service for every step of your lawn maintenance.

What Does It Involve?

Whether you’ve had sod laid down or grass seed planted and grown, you have a lawn that will take work to keep looking healthy. We know every step in the process, like: …and even sod installation and maintenance. Over-fertilizing can give your lawn chemical burn and leave patches of it dead or dying. Mowing your lawn too often can result in sunburnt grass that turns brittle and fragile. Without aeration, your lawn’s root system can’t spread and get enough nutrients no matter how often you fertilize and water. There’s a lot more involved in lawn maintenance than just getting the mower out every month!

Save Yourself Time!

Lawn maintenance is a huge investment of time. Weekends spent aerating, watering, fertilizing and mowing add up quickly. You want to enjoy your lawn, not spend every spare moment tending to it. If you have a business location, that’s even more costly! Time spent putting a professional touch on your lawn is time away from your customers. CBS Quality Lawn Care gives that time back to you with interest. By answering the phone every time you call, we save you wasted minutes waiting for a return call or a computerized answering machine to give you options. By providing quality service every time, we save you time spent dealing with unsatisfactory results. Contact us today and we’ll start showing you where quality matters—on your lawn!

Proper lawn maintenance saves time, money, and ensures your home looks as beautiful outside as it does inside. If you were born with a brown thumb or simply don’t have the time, call CBS Quality Lawn Care today at (505) 884-8666. We also offer free estimates!