Lawn Aeration

Many people don’t realize the effort required for a healthy lawn. Even fertilizing won’t help a lawn that’s struggling with impacted soil. CBS Quality Lawn Care is the lawn care company that knows every aspect needed to create and maintain a lush, beautiful lawn, even here in Albuquerque!

What is Aeration?

Weak roots lead to weak grass that quickly turns yellow and dies. One reason grass can suffer from a weak root system is due to impacted soil. As the grass grows, it’s better able to reach necessary nutrients and water. Roots can’t, however, grow through caliche or heavily impacted soil. Aeration is the process of digging or piercing holes through tough top soil to allow better drainage. The water you give your lawn is then able to reach the root system, carrying nutrients from the soil as well. An aerated lawn also utilizes fertilizer more efficiently. A whole bag of compost can’t do much good if the roots can’t reach the nutrients it carries!

So, You Just Poke Holes?

Proper aeration utilizes a lawn aerator to either pierce the tough top soil or remove divots of impacted dirt. A lawn care company like CBS has the expertise to examine your lawn and determine how much aeration is needed. They will know the difference between a lawn that needs complete attention and one with a few specific problem areas. We know how to use a lawn aerator to the best effect, resulting in a healthy lawn with a strong root system able to withstand the rigors of New Mexico weather. With 25 years of experience in lawn care, CBS Quality Lawn Care is ready, willing and able to provide you with personalized customer service, knowledgeable answers to your questions and superior results. Contact us today to get a lawn care company that knows your yard is where quality matters!

While aeration seems simple enough, the right approach is crucial to keep your plants and lawn healthy. Instead of taking a chance, leave it to the landscaping professionals at CBS Quality Lawn Care. Call (505) 884-8666 to get your free estimate.